Rising Demand For The Most In-Demand Trade Skills: A Closer Look at Vocational Professions.

Rising Demand For The Most In-Demand Trade Skills: A Closer Look at Vocational Professions.

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Trade Skills in Demand in Canada

In the rapidly evolving job market, certain trade skills continue to be in high demand. This article discusses the trade skills that are projected to be most sought after in Canada by 2024, offering an insight into the future of the job market in the country.


Electricians play a crucial role in our daily lives, ensuring that our homes and businesses have a safe and reliable electricity supply. According to the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association (CECA), the need for electricians in Canada is predicted to grow over the next few years. The CECA has stated that the industry will need to recruit an additional 12,500 electricians by 2024 to meet demand. This is due to the ongoing construction of new homes and commercial buildings, as well as the need to maintain and upgrade existing electrical systems.


Plumbers are essential for both residential and commercial properties, providing a wide range of services from installing new plumbing systems to repairing leaks. The plumbing industry in Canada is also expected to see significant growth. According to the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH), the number of plumbing-related jobs is expected to increase by 10% by 2024. This growth is driven by the ongoing need for plumbers in new construction, as well as the maintenance and renovation of existing systems.


Carpenters are skilled tradespeople who work with wood to construct, install and maintain buildings, furniture, and other objects. Carpentry is another trade skill that will be in high demand. The Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) estimates that the industry will need an additional 7,200 carpenters by 2024. Factors contributing to this demand include the ongoing need for carpenters in the construction industry, as well as the growing trend for custom, handcrafted furniture and fittings.


Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals, by using high heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool, causing fusion. According to the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), there will be a need for approximately 6,000 additional welders in the country by 2024. This demand is driven by the importance of welding in various industries, including construction, automobile manufacturing, and shipbuilding.

HVAC Technicians

HVAC technicians are professionals who work on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems in both residential and commercial buildings. The Canadian HVAC industry is also expected to see a surge in demand. The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) estimates that there will be a need for an additional 4,500 HVAC technicians by 2024. This is due to the ongoing need for the installation, maintenance and repair of HVAC systems, particularly with the growing emphasis on energy efficiency and climate control.

Trade skills are a testament to a person's ability to create, to contribute to the world more than just knowledge - but things of tangible, practical value.

These five trades are expected to be highly in-demand and continue to grow, and individuals with these skills will have numerous job opportunities in Canada. It's crucial for those interested in these fields to obtain the necessary training and certifications to take advantage of these opportunities. The future of Canada's job market is promising for those with the right skills, and these trades offer a clear path to a stable and rewarding career.

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